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Chantal Below – “I Love that Darn Dog”

Eva was the illustrator of the children’s book I wrote with my children called, ‘I Love that Darn Dog.’ We are American and don’t speak Italian but we were able to communicate seamlessly through email. Eva was a joy to work with. She was responsive over email so we were never left wondering about the progress of the project, she included us in every step of the process from storyboarding to color so we could give feedback and ideas along the way, and the content she created perfectly matched the tone of the book – colorful, playful, and tender. Eva was always open to new suggestions we had which made it feel like a truly collaborative process. In addition, because we had never self-published a book before, Eva was incredibly helpful in guiding us through the technical elements of publishing a book. She also made sure that the ultimate PDF she created of the book would easily upload and be available on the Amazon site. I can’t recommend Eva enough! She is so talented, highly responsible, and a true partner. If we ever write another book and require an illustrator – we will absolutely partner with Eva!